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Wood Look Tile: Why and How to Use!

Wood look tile offers homeowners the look and feel of an elegant design classic with all the benefits of tile. Let’s see how to use it in your home!

Wood look tile in herringbone pattern on floor of bathroom rendering.
Wood look tile has become an industry standard and offers homeowners an abundance of design choices! Rendering created with DomuS3D.

Wood look tile has become a tile industry standard over the last years. It burst onto the scene a few years back as a budding trend and its use has only continued to rise. Over this time, it has established itself as a great alternative, offering tons of benefits to homeowners.

With major improvements in manufacturing technology, wood look tile is now more realistic looking than ever before. This type of tile can mimic the graining and hand-scraped look of real hardwood so closely that it is almost impossible to tell the difference!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the advantages of using wood look tile and go through a few ideas of how to use it in your home. We’ll discuss:

– Wood Look Tile: Advantages

– Wood Look Tile Bathroom Trends

– Wood Look Tile in other parts of the Home

Wood look tile is a great design choice and is certainly a trend that is here to stay. Let’s jump in to learn more!

Wood Look Tile: Advantages

Wood look tile is a fantastic design choice for many reasons. As we said above, the latest technology has greatly improved the aesthetic quality; it is almost impossible to tell the difference between tile and the real thing!

Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of using wood look tile is that you get that beautiful wood look with all the benefits of tile. First and foremost, that means that your floor will be easy to clean and to maintain. While cleaning and disinfecting other types of surfaces can be difficult and require special products, tile is very simple to clean. You can use clean, clear water or many different types of disinfectant cleaners.

Plus, tile surfaces are extremely low maintenance and are durable and scratch resistant too. And tile also boasts the fact that it’s stain resistant, fire resistant, and waterproof too.

This last property gives you another huge advantage when using wood look tile: you can use it in any room of the home, including in wet areas! Being able to lay wood look tile in the kitchen or the bathroom opens up a whole new world of design possibilities for those rooms.

Tile is also an extremely hygienic choice for your flooring as it is bacteria-resistant, contains no allergens, no formaldehyde, emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is free of chemicals, and is made with natural materials.

Design Versatility

Not yet convinced? Well, cleaning and maintenance aren’t the only advantages to using wood look tile. Wood look tile opens up a whole new world of design alternatives thanks to the fact that it is available in numerous sizes and not limited to just the traditional plank sizes. It can also be easily found in unique shapes and mosaics too, to give any room a touch of personality.

Last but not least, it is generally an affordable choice and is easy to find, with tons of options available on the market!

So, wood look tile can be a great choice for your home. But how can you use it? Let’s take a look at some of the latest bathroom trends to find out!

Wood look tile on floor of restaurant rendering
Wood look tile can be used in a wide variety of spaces and is easy to clean and maintain. Rendering created with DomuS3D.

Wood Look Tile Bathroom Trends

Like we said above, one of the biggest advantages to using wood look tile is that you can use it in wet areas of the home, including the bathroom. This opens up a huge range of design possibilities as you can use wood look tile to cover floors, walls, and even shower spaces.

Wood look tile can open up your bathroom to a rustic feel but can also be used in a minimalist bathroom, like a Scandinavian style bathroom, a modern space, or even an industrial style bathroom too. Let’s take a look at a few of the top ways to use wood look tile in your bathroom.


Wood look tile is available in many shades and sizes, so when it comes to flooring you can be sure you’ll find something that will match what you’re looking for. You can choose a warm tone to make your bathroom cozy and welcoming, giving it a rustic feel, or choose a colder tone for a more edgy and contemporary look.

And when installing, you can choose to go with a standard staggered installation pattern or change it up with a herringbone pattern for a striking and standout look. And herringbone patterns are great for shorter planks, as well.


Using wood look tile on the walls can turn your bathroom into a contemporary and trendy space. We recommend avoiding wood look on all walls but using it to accent specific areas of the bathroom – behind the vanity, in the bathtub area or on another accent wall or space, for example for a niche or built-in shelf area.

Bright modern bathroom with wood look tile accent areas
Use wood look tile to accent specific areas of your bathroom, like behind this vanity and around the tub!

Shower Area

This is a spot where wood look tile can really shine. Using wood look tile in your shower can completely transform your entire bathroom. Here, the possibilities are endless. You can match it to the floor, opt for one accent wall, or use it around the entire shower so it completely engulfs you.

Make sure to carefully pick out your fixtures and accents so they pair with your wood look shower to create the overall effect you are looking for. Matte black can create a very modern look while keeping the space cozy and welcoming.

Modern bathroom with wood and dark tile
Matching wood look with darker materials creates a modern and sleek space.

Mixing and Matching

Wood look tile is best used when matched with other materials. Mixing and matching with large stone or marble will give your bathroom a modern and sleek look while using smaller tile, such as subway tile will give your bathroom a clean and contemporary feel. You can also use mosaics or decorative tile for a unique look or to add pop to a rustic space.

You can even try mixing and matching wood look tile with another tile on the same surface. For example, a wood look floor that seamlessly blends into a hexagonal tile can give your space a unique look that is extremely contemporary.

It is also important to decide whether you want to use a bright material, such as white marble or white subway tile, or go for a darker look with dark grey stone or a black mosaic.

And, that’s not all, you should make sure you think about things like your vanity, your bath fixtures, your bathtub and more. If you are going for a modern look using wood, stone, and marble, a clean and sleek white vanity and freestanding bathtub are a must. For a more rustic or fresh contemporary look, you can also use wood for your vanity. 

No matter how you choose to use wood look tile, you will certainly use other types of material in your bathroom, as well. The options are limitless, so make sure to look at many different examples to find the right look for you!

Wood look tile transition to hexagonal tile on floor of bathroom
Transitioning from wood look to hexagonal tile on the floor will give your bathroom a unique look. Rendering created with DomuS3D.

Wood Look Tile in other parts of the Home

Just because we can finally use wood look in the bathroom, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use it in the other parts of our home, as well! As we said above, wood look tile is a great alternative and can be used throughout the entire home.

Whether in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, use wood look tile anywhere you would like to have that classic wood floor look in your home, including throughout the entire house!

You can even use wood look tile in outdoor living spaces. Wood look outdoors can provide that luxurious feeling and provide comfort, while giving you all the benefits of using tile outdoors. And non-slip can be used around a pool or deck too.

And how can you make sure that your tile installation looks like real wood? Well, try to minimize the grout lines by choosing tile with a rectified edge which allows for a much smaller grout joint. And speaking of grout, make sure to choose a grout color that blends in with your tile so that it is as least noticeable as possible. This will help make sure that your tile floor mimics the real thing.

Whether you opt for a simple staggered pattern or a herringbone pattern, find the wood look tile you like and get started!

Living and dining area with wood look tile flooring
You can use wood look tile around the entire home as shown above in this living and dining area. Rendering created with DomuS3D.

In Conclusion

Wood look tile is a phenomenal choice for design, style, durability and more. Whether using it in your bathroom or anywhere else in your home, it is both trendy and easy to maintain.

In this article we took a look at:

– Wood Look Tile Advantages: clean, durable, easy, and full of design variation;

– Wood Look Bathroom Trends: flooring, walls, shower areas, and mix & match;

– Wood Look in other parts of the Home: use it throughout the entire home!

All that’s left is to get started designing! If you are working with a client and need a way to help visualize wood look tile in a new space, check out our suite of visualization software, from our professional interior design software DomuS3D to our online design tool TilePlanner, 3D renderings can help your clients see products and design ideas quickly, easily, and realistically!

Good luck designing and see you next time!

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