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TileInspector: details make the difference

TileInspector is an online visualizer that lets you display highly realistic digital recreations of any type of surface: ceramic, marble, wood, natural stone, and more.
The visualization of your products in High-Definition 3D is a service that can greatly help a customer navigate their choices, allowing them to explore the material properties of intricate surfaces and evaluate dynamic interactions with light sources.

Realistic and convincing digital recreations.

Integrate with TilePlanner and RealityRemod.

Integrate TileInspector on your website and digitally display the quality of your products.

3DInspector: admire details as if you could touch them

3DInspector is an online visualizer made specifically for the furnishing and fixture industries. Visualize, rotate, and zoom in on 3D furnishings and fixtures to admire the quality of the materials. You can integrate 3DInspector on your website, giving your visitors the chance to virtually examine your products in High Definition 3D.

PatternBuilder: Creativity that you can configure

Creating custom laying patterns and installations is one of the most important aspects of using tile. With Pattern Builder, you can quickly and easily create custom compositions, laying patterns, and panels, using any shape or format.

Simple and versatile.

Integrate pattern builder on your website.

Create custom prints with your pattern.

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Unleash your creativity and invent new solutions

Ideal for configurable tile collections that thrive on the interplay of color and shape, PatternBuilder gives you the possibility to play, invent, and express your distinctive style through custom tile creations. PatternBuilder is available online and can easily be integrated on your company website.

Precision is everything

A simple but necessary tool that lets you calculate the exact quantity of material you need to cover a surface using popular laying patterns.

Choose any pattern from the hundreds compatible with DomuS3D.

Specify the dimensions of your surface and the size of your tile.

Calculate tile quantity needed and save.

Calculate the quantity of material you need to cover your room, quickly and simply.

TileCalculator is an essential tool for manufacturers, designers, and contractors to avoid waste and optimize tile installations at their source. Integrate TileCalculator to offer your clients the chance to perform vital calculations for their work directly from your website.

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