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Showrooms exist in a professional context that carefully combines design, communication, curated display space, and technology; if perfectly balanced, these factors work to create a microcosm where sales teams can express themselves to the fullest, offering tailored, engaging, and quality service to each customer.

Our professional service is based on the ability to guarantee retailers simple and powerful tools, as well as constantly updated product libraries from major manufacturers.


Accelerate your work.

Convince your customers.

Stand out from your competition.


Professional and intuitive, DomuS3D lets you quickly design any type of room, easily interpreting your clients needs and giving them a simple way to visualize design ideas. DomuS3D is the leading professional design tool used by flooring, tile, and bathroom fixture retailers.



Give both your customers and your sales team access to a simple tool to design custom spaces online, exploring and visualizing different ideas in real-time, using integrated product libraries.  Integrate TilePlanner on your website to give online visitors the chance to admire your products virtually and begin designing from their own home, inspiring them to share their ideas and visit your store.


Augmented Reality Web App to transform any room using a photograph. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, RealityRemod gives users the ability to swap out the floor and walls of any room in real-time.

Integrate RealityRemod on your website and attract potential customers to the showroom by letting them dream with your materials.

Support in just a few clicks

We offer our clients remote tech support and service to guide them through our software, from installation to the final project.