Give your customers an easy to use online design tool that lets anyone design custom interior spaces and freely explore various design solutions for their home.

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Place your client at the center of the design process

TilePlanner lets your online visitors design custom spaces from within your website, furnishing them however they like using your products. All without installing any software or doing any training.

Expand your digital offering and increase your web presence by integrating TilePlanner

Design rooms with ease using integrated product catalogs

Analyze usage statistics, gain insights on popular products, and generate new leads directly within the platform

Quick and Easy: Your Products in your Customers' Design Projects

Free your creativity, save to the cloud

TilePlanner lets you save your projects to the cloud so you can continue working on them later. Import your saved projects into DomuS3D to refine them in detail and generate photorealistic final renderings.

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Discover how simple it is to use TilePlanner with our tutorials, guiding you step by step through a complete design project.


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