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Maticad Interior Design Solutions for Tile, Flooring, and Bathroom Fixtures

Maticad applications are effective marketing tools that allow you to digitally display and give value to your products, letting your customers interact with them virtually on your website. Generate interest, create curiosity, and encourage your online visitors to head to the showroom to purchase your products.


Exponentially increase product exposure through the widespread diffusion of our software in qualified showrooms all around the world.

Use our design platforms for your customers, directly from your website.

Add value to your products through a comprehensive design system used by leading tile manufacturers in Italy and around the world.


Professional and intuitive, DomuS3D lets you design any type of room in a very short time. From showrooms and vignette design, to complex and detailed multi-room projects, DomuS3D is the ideal tool for design contracts and for creating product visuals, thanks to the high-quality photorealistic renderings you can create in the program.



Integrate TilePlanner on your website and give potential customers the chance to design custom spaces online, exploring your product selection virtually and visualizing multiple design ideas in real-time from home. Show-off your products online, spark interest in your customers, and inspire them to visit their closest authorized dealer.


Augmented Reality Web App to transform any room using a photograph. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, RealityRemod gives users the ability to swap out the floor and walls of any room in real-time.
Integrate RealityRemod on your company website and attract potential customers by letting them dream using your materials.

WebApp by Maticad

Discover our Web Apps, simple and effective tools that enhance your products and capture your customers’ attention from home, generating interest and inspiring them to visit their closest authorized dealer:

  • TileInspector, the online visualizer for tile, marble, wood, and any other type of material, in realistic, high-definition 3D.
  • PatternBuilder,  the online tool to create custom laying patterns and tile installations. Simple, flexible solutions with unlimited creativity.
  • Tile Calculator, the online calculator for laying patterns that quickly gives you the quantity of material needed for a given area and specific installation.

Support in just a few clicks

We offer our clients remote tech support and service to guide them through our software, from installation to the final project.