30 March, 2022 | News, Project of the month

Wellness Space by Bisazza

We’ve partnered with Bisazza to create our March project of the month, now available for download from the Live! page of DomuS3D.

Wellness Space by Bisazza. Rendering created with DomuS3D.

“Wellness Space by Bisazza” is here. Our March project of the month, created with the professional interior design software DomuS3D and in partnership with Bisazza is a a space built specifically for wellness. The project is characterized by large curved walls covered entirely with Bisazza mosaics, which brighten the space by reflecting light around the room.

Light plays a leading role in this project, both natural light, which pours into the room from a large glass window, and artificial light. Recessed spotlights have been placed into the floor along the curved walls and around the standalone jacuzzi bathtub, highlighting the reflective properties of the golden mosaic tile.

To give uniform light to the entire space, LEDs have been positioned to be hidden by the false ceiling. And to give even greater brightness to the room and keep the focus on the mosaics, a reflective semigloss material has been applied to the false ceiling structure.

The result is an elegant space that lends itself to wellness; a relaxing atmosphere and an ideal place to sit back, relax, and take a moment for self-care.

Products used in the project

To create this project, Bisazza used mixed blends containing mosaic tiles from the Oro Bis and Le Gemme collections.  The blend of mosaics is a simple but extraordinary concept in design terms: the material used is glass, the size of the mosaic tiles is small, laid in a random fashion.

The Le Gemme series is fashioned using artisan techniques and expert hand-craftsmanship that make each tessera unique, luxurious and one-of-a-kind. The individuality of this series derives from the special glass-coloring technique that includes the addition of aventurine and colored enamel granules. Aventurine is a type of glass obtained through artisan craftsmanship, a technique passed down by the Murano glass masters for centuries. Copper crystals mixed with brilliant metal oxides are found inside aventurine where they create a golden scintillating flamed effect in the mosaic tesserae.

The tesserae in the Oro Bis collection are fashioned with 24 kt gold foil (Oro Bis giallo) or a gold and silver alloy (Oro Bis bianco) inserted between two protective layers of glass. The presence of the precious metal and the artisan-crafted process make this collection extremely luxurious. Because the tesserae are beveled ‒ like those in all the other collections of the same shape ‒ the Oro Bis tesserae are compatible in shape and thickness with the Bisazza glass mosaic collections, allowing them to be used in blends, shadings and patterns.

In this project, the following blends were used:

– Violante Blend, composed of 20x20mm tesserae from the Le Gemme and Oro Bis series.

– New Cipro Blend, composed of 20x20mm tesserae from the Le Gemme series

– Oro King 20 mixed mosaic, composed of 20x20mm tesserae from the Oro Bis series, containing both smooth and wavy surfaces

The items used in the project and all Bisazza collections are available in the DomuS3D library.

Technical Details:

Rendering Image Size4410×2517 pixel
Surface Area43,70mq
Number of Items Used24


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