Frequently Asked Questions

DomuS3D is the leading 3D interior design software used by major manufacturers, retailers, and designers in the flooring, tiling, bathroom fixture, and furnishing industries around the world. It’s an essential tool for the planning, execution, and presentation of interior design projects. DomuS3D runs on Windows.

DomuS3D is a flexible software that lets you quickly create custom solutions for your clients that highlight the quality of your products and services. Put together an entire 3D project starting from a simple floorplan and generate HD renderings, 360 Panoramas, and Virtual Reality previews. DomuS3D gives you the tools you need to increase your customer service and separate you from your competition.

Even though DomuS3D is a professional tool, it is intuitive and easy to learn. Thanks to our video tutorials, training courses, and online guide, you’ll quickly learn to master the main features of DomuS3D. We also offer webinars on specific topics and special events on rendering techniques and other technical features so you can become a pro in all things DomuS3D.

One of the most important features of DomuS3D is how quickly you can build a project. You only need a few minutes to design, create, and fill a simple room. Once you’ve drawn the floorplan, just drag & drop furniture into the room and tiles onto the floors and walls. DomuS3D’s product library and design features have been optimized for quick designing.

The time needed to generate a rendering depends on a number of factors, including the type of computer you are using, the size of the image generated, the number of lights and furnishing items in the room, and the quality of the final image. For example, a small image (1024×800 pixels) of average quality, rendered on an average computer, will take around 2 to 4 minutes. For a full HD image (1920x1080px) of a more intricate project, rendering time will usually be under 10 minutes. If you need to increase image quality, rendering time can double or even triple, but with our included Rendering Manager module, you can run your renderings automatically in the background when your computer isn’t being used for other activities.

Absolutely! The program is “open” and lets you insert your own tiles, flooring products, and furnishing items. For tiles or flooring products, all you need is a .jpg image (a photograph), while for furnishing items you need 3D model files in .dxf, .3ds, .fbx, or .skp (SketchUp).

Yes! We offer weekly live training courses online which last approximately 3 hours. Our beginner course will teach you everything you need to know to create a complete project from start to finish on your own, while our advanced course will give you an in-depth look at the advanced features of DomuS3D. We also offer periodic webinars on specific topics and special events dedicated to rendering techniques. We also offer custom one-on-one training courses hosted both on-site and virtually.

The DomuS3D digital product library is a fundamental part of our software. In DomuS3D you’ll find real products, including furniture, tiles, flooring, and more made available from our partners. You’ll find products from leading tile, bathroom fixture, furniture, and interior design brands, kept up-to-date by our dedicated team. You can download and use any product from the DomuS3D digital library in your projects

We release a major update each year with improvements including new features, boosts to user experience, and ever-increasing speed. We also release minor updates throughout the year to keep our software optimized.

Technical support is an important service included with the program. Our tech team is always ready to resolve any issue you run into with our software and can remote connect to your PC to walk you through any solution. In addition, our Online Guide, available here, is home to hundreds of how-to articles that explain the features of DomuS3D.

You can install DomuS3D on as many computers as you’d like, but one license will only let you work on one computer at a time. If you need to use DomuS3D on two or more computers simultaneously, you will need to use two or more licenses, or a Client Server license.

You can access your license through a software key (username/password) or a hardware key (USB). If you have a hardware key (USB), you do not need internet connection to use the program but you will need it to download items from the digital product library or use the Live! page features. If you are using a software key (username/password), you will need access to the internet to use the program.

Hardware requirements can be found here.


Yes. With DomuS3D 360, a dedicated page for sharing DomuS3D projects, you can easily share with customers, colleagues, or anyone else, either publicly or privately.

Yes, you can request a free trial from the sales rep in your area. Contact us for more information.