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Project of the Month – December 2021

Download our latest project of the month – created in partnership with Ponte Giulio – from the Live! page of DomuS3D.

The December 2021 Project of the Month: “Made in Ponte Giulio

Our final project of the month for 2021 is here: “Made in Ponte Giulio” is a hotel room featuring bathroom fixtures from the Umbrian company Ponte Giulio.

These tailor-made solutions are fixtures for the bathroom in all its forms, perfect for both hotels and private homes, developed and built to facilitate the design, installation, use, and maintenance of the bathroom.

Built with innovative products and leading technology, these solutions aim to turn the bathroom into a safe, reliable, and elegant space for all.

The use of noble materials, including Solid Surface, laminate panels, and stainless steel, allows for efficient solutions to be found for all bathrooms, even in cases where a complete remodeling is apparently necessary.

Ponte Giulio products are developed, in fact, to limit the necessity of masonry work and interventions on existing plumbing systems, allowing bathroom installations to be completed in shorter times.

All this, and much more, represents the “Made in Ponte Giulio” bathroom.

A bird’s eye view of the newest Project of the Month: Made in Ponte Giulio

Ponte Giulio products are available in the DomuS3D Library.

Technical Details:

Rendering Image Size4410×2517 pixels
Surface Area32.22 sqm
Number of Items Used53


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