Iter di Ruggeri


Iter di Ruggeri was founded in 1970 and supplies everything you need for your home: from washbasins and faucets to flooring and wall tiles for your bathroom. Not to mention kitchens, home appliances, air-conditioning and heating systems, and wood awnings. With two showrooms in Guspini (our original headquarters) and a new one in Sestu (outside Cagliari), Iter di Ruggeri is always focused on the needs of the client, walking them through not only the purchase of new products, but also the right design decisions for their home.

Using DomuS3D not only lets us visually illustrate things that begin as simple ideas in the mind of the client, but also to better process estimates, quickly moving from one item to another. Maticad’s technical team is always ready to help our designers when facing particularly complex projects.

Matteo Liscia

Data processing manager

Goals of Iter di Ruggeri

  • Provide clients with a visual preview of what their bathroom will look like with the products chosen.
  • Go beyond static renderings by using 360° Virtual Reality previews to create an immersive solution for the client: “YOUR NEW SPACE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS”
  • Quickly create custom project brochures to help the client instantly evaluate different design options.

Maticad’s solution

Iter di Ruggeri decided to adopt the professional interior design software DomuS3D for their business, instantly elevating the service they offer with visual design projects that excite and convince their customers. 360° renderings and Virtual Reality give Iter di Ruggeri the possibility to show their client’s realistic immersive previews of their design projects in real-time.


  • Quicker closing time for estimates
  • Wow clients with Virtual Reality headset and 360° project previews
  • Clients find project summary documents and technical prints useful to share with contractors and installers during construction phase of project

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