Bathroom Ceramic Interiors Showroom

Melardi was founded in 1962 in Bronte, Italy as an artisan workshop specializing in the creation of concrete products.

Now in its third generation, the company is an established force in the tile, bath fixture, and heating, cooling, and plumbing industries.

Melardi’s home specialists are constantly training and undergoing professional development so they can best support their customers throughout the various stages of any project, from inspection to design, delivery, and after-sale service.

DomuS3D allows for a completely comprehensive design of spaces: from the distribution of objects around a room, to laying flooring and covering walls, to the combination of shapes and colors. Thanks to this powerful software, it is even possible to generate high quality renderings.

Sergio Melardi



  • Provide clients with realistic previews of their rooms, with their chosen furniture, fixtures, and finishes.
  • Generate high-quality renderings to offer visual solutions that approach reality.
  • Create drawings, technical prints, and installation details for each project, providing technical details along with the visual content.

Maticad’s solution

To reach their goals, Melardi decided to implement DomuS3D, the professional interior design tool able to meet all the needs of designers and tile showrooms: from 2D floorplans to HD renderings, 360 panoramas, and Virtual Reality previews, DomuS3D’s optimized features allow retailers to offer a more efficient and convincing service to their clients, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Melardi's results

  • Increased professional standards thanks to the support of high-quality graphics
  • Greater speed and success rate when closing on projects
  • Better preparation for installers and reduction in errors during installation

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