Bathroom Ceramic Showroom

With 80 stores, 40 showrooms, and over 1,300 employees, Clerici is one of the leading companies in Italy in the bath fixture industry and in the distribution of plumbing and heating materials.

For many years, a number of storied brands in the bath fixture industry have been a part of Clerici, including AFIS, Idras, and Unicom. More recently, two Tuscan companies, Palagini and Idealcomfort, and the Ligurian group Prato-Nobili, have also joined their team.

DomuS3D is a simple product, yet a complete and professional one, as well. We believe it to be a fundamental tool in providing tailored service to our customers and increasing the productivity of our sales team in the showroom.

Andrea Bonardi

IT Director


  • Increase efficiency of sales team in the showroom through the use of design software
  • Assist customers in their product choice from start to finish
  • Organize workflow across a wide network of retailers

Maticad’s solution

In 2017, the Clerici group began equipping their retail locations with the professional design software DomuS3D. In the four years following, Clerici strengthened and expanded their use of the program, deeming it an essential part of their business and acquiring an increasing number of licenses. Today, the Clerici group designs with over 70 licenses of DomuS3D.


  • Sales associates using DomuS3D have increased their sales volume
  • Clients feel more involved in the creation of their project
  • DomuS3D allows sales associates to show their clients various options in real-time

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