Crossville Inc. is America’s leading manufacturer of porcelain tile, creating stunning, high quality tile for designers, architects, and installers. Crossville also offers a wide variety of glass and natural stone tile for interior and exterior floors, walls, and countertops. Made in the United States, Crossville’s innovative tile products are sustainable and expertly designed to last a lifetime.

Maticad is one of the most proactive partners in the digital sector that we’ve worked with thus far. They take such pride in their product that they want it to be perfect.

Karli Carter

Product Launch Manager


  • Create a visualizer capable of accommodating all of the unique elements within Crossville’s Cursive collection
  • Interior designers and homeowners can easily create custom designs and patterns
  • Fun, interactive, and engaging way to explore products
  • 100% online

Maticad’s solution

After learning about their ambitious plan to launch a new tile collection built on modularity, Maticad identified PatternBuilder as the perfect product to meet Crossville’s needs. With PatternBuilder, Crossville could share a simple online tool with their internal sales team, their trade professional clients, and all their other customers that would let them explore Cursive products while creating custom patterns and designs for their next project.


  • Designers and homeowners use PatternBuilder for free on the Crossville website to express their creativity and play with the Cursive collection
  • Increased visibility, exploration, and understanding of the unique Cursive collection
  • Thousands of designs created on the platform
  • Internal tool available for Crossville sales associates and designers around the country
  • Crossville continues to lead on the digital front in the US tile market

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