C to C Tile

Interiors Showroom

C to C Tile is a leading tile store located in Midtown Manhattan. Offering stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass and many other products, C to C Tile offers high-quality products that add design and comfort to your home.

DomuS3D has been a great tool to allow clients to visualize product in their own setting. The ability to use the real product is beyond helpful

Steve Stringfellow


Obiettivi di C to C Tile

  • Create high quality 3D renderings for customers
  • Create marketing images showing tile detail and quality
  • Have the flexibility to use custom tiles in designs
  • Offer high quality service that stands out from competition
  • Easy to learn

Maticad’s solution

DomuS3D is the leading professional software chosen by tile retailers like C to C Tile. DomuS3D helps launch retailers into the world of virtual design, creating photo-like rendering of custom designs that can be shared with clients. With project summary tools, installation guides, 2D drawings, and HD renderings, DomuS3D takes construction, remodel, and redesign projects from start to finish.


  • Many client projects created in DomuS3D
  • Clients are able to make decisions faster now that they can see an image of a final installation thanks to DomuS3D renderings
  • Time required to refine designs greatly decreased. We can change the tiles in real time which is helpful when clients cannot decide between colors or styles. time which is helpful when clients cannot decide between colors or styles.

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