For Manufacturers

Maticad applications are effective marketing tools that allow you to digitally display and give value to your products, letting your customers interact with them virtually on your website. Generate interest, create curiosity, and encourage your online visitors to head to the showroom to purchase your products.

For Showrooms and Retailers

Showrooms exist in a professional context that carefully combines design, communication, curated display space, and technology; if perfectly balanced, these factors work to create a microcosm where sales teams can express themselves to the fullest, offering tailored, engaging, and quality service to each customer.

For Architects and Designers

Maticad applications are available to meet all your Interior Design needs in an easy to use suite that includes a vast digital library of the latest commercial products available on the market, thanks to our direct partnerships with major manufacturers in the tile, bathroom fixture, and design industries around the world.

Synergy between projects and sales networks provide your clients solutions that are always up-to-date