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Project of the Month – October 2021

Download our newest project of the month – designed in partnership with Caleido – from the Live! page of DomuS3D.

The October 2021 project of the month is an ensuite minimalist bathroom featuring two radiators by Caleido.

Our newest project of the month, created with DomuS3D, is an ensuite minimalist bathroom which features two 100 Righe Radiators by Caleido, designed by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti.

When designing the 100 Righe Radiator, Gabriele & Oscar Buratti started from the concept of light, considered as a material of the architectural project in that when it meets a surface, it is able to generate reflections, shadows, and unexpected designs. The final result is a new concept of radiator, with a three dimensional texture that interacts with light, responding to its direction of arrival, which changes naturally throughout the length of the day.

Available in different sizes, both in vertical and horizontal, these radiators can be used individually or paired with one another, with alternating rhythms, to compose elegant and beautiful radiant panels.

Detailed view of the 100 Righe Radiators by Caleido.

Radiators designed by Caleido are available in the DomuS3D digital library.

Technical Details:

Rendering Image Size4410×2517 pixels
Surface Area35.9 sqm
Number of Items Used50


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