Our History

Who we are

Maticad is a software company specializing in the creation of interior design applications, focusing on the realistic digital representation of tile, flooring materials, and designer furniture in residential settings.

With over 30 years of experience, we bring a unique know-how to each project, with a portfolio of major clients in Italy and around the world.


Maticad s.r.l. was founded in 1991 as a software service provider in the CAD industry. In 2019, we opened Maticad USA to directly serve our US partners.


A professional choice

We aim to create an integrated, expert system, where everyone in the tile and furniture industries can be represented, providing a common thread between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, designers, and homeowners to cohesively guide products along each link of the supply chain.


Alongside our clients, all around the world

Our presence in the US market is grounded in the essential values represented by Made in Italy such as creativity, style, and attention to detail. Maticad’s strong international presence reaches across the entire globe, including throughout the entire Italian territory.

Our presence in the global market spans a vast network. Today, we have clients in 91 countries across all continents and a subsidiary branch in the United States founded in 2019.

Improving the sales process

We create simple and effective digital tools for Interior Design, specifically for the tile and bathroom fixture industries. With our software, you can create complete and realistic room scenes in just a few minutes, able to satisfy the design and installation needs of manufacturers, distributors, designers, and homeowners.