Frequently Asked Questions

TilePlanner is the online design tool that can be customized and made available to your designers and customers from within your company website, with a completely personalized and integrated product catalog.

TilePlanner is an efficient marketing and sales tool that can help your customers visualize their designs or give your sales associates a fast way to show customers design ideas.
TilePlanner engages your online visitors by giving them the opportunity to easily create custom 3D models of their own rooms. With TilePlanner, all users can create a project in a simple, quick, and intuitive way, without having to install any software or attend any training courses.
You can integrate TilePlanner with your e-commerce platform so your customers can easily purchase the material they use in their project. With built-in usage statistics, you can gather insights on your products, generate new leads, and analyze the digital impact of the tool.

TilePlanner is an extremely simple and intuitive design tool; it only takes a few minutes to learn to use. You’ll be able to design immediately, without attending any training courses or watching any lengthy tutorials.

TilePlanner can be integrated within your company website in a few simple steps. To learn more about the integration process, please click here.

Yes. TilePlanner can be integrated with your e-commerce platform and communicate you’re your inventory management system.

Designing with TilePlanner is fast and simple. It only takes a few minutes to create a complete room from start to finish.

Yes. TilePlanner is a web application that works through your web browser.

Yes. Your company can integrate TilePlanner on your website and decide which products to place within the tool by selecting from those available within our digital libraries.

The Maticad development team is constantly working to improve TilePlanner, aiming to make it as intuitive and efficient as possible for our users. All updates to the tool occur in the background without any interruption in service for our users.

Registered users are able to save the projects that they create with TilePlanner. In addition, you can open TilePlanner projects in DomuS3D, giving you the chance to refine your project in detail and create additional output and visual content, such as HD photorealistic renderings of your scene.

TilePlanner lets you create a PDF printout of your project, complete with: floorplan, 3D view, 2D wall views, and a list of all the products used in the project.

TilePlanner gathers usage statistics so you can analyze insights on users, projects, and products, as well as generate new leads as interested users register on the platform to save their design projects.