22 June, 2021 | News, Project of the month

Project of the Month – June 2021

Download our newest project of the month – featuring Gruppo Romani – from the Live! page of DomuS3D.

Progetto del mese di Giugno di DomuS3D in collaborazione con Gruppo Romani
Project of the Month – June 2021: An elegant bedroom featuring Gruppo Romani built in DomuS3D

For this month’s project, we’ve created an elegant bedroom, complete with a large walk-in closet, in partnership with Gruppo Romani.

From the research of Gruppo Romani comes Chromagic, an exclusive project in porcelain stone that goes hand in hand with the latest trends in interior design.  Chromagic combines elegant wallpaper décor with a palette of ten intense colors that work to enhance the material properties of resin surfaces and create original and unique combinations.

A touch of charm for the sleeping area with Chromagic Forever Pink 60x60cm on the floor and Tian Rose 60x120cm for the wall niches, completed with Gemme Saturnia Lux for the bed base.

Technical Details:

Rendering Image Size4410×2517 pixels
Surface Area42.17 sqm
Number of Items Used46


Follow these simple steps:

Happy Designing!

The Maticad Team

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