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Project of the Month – July 2021

Download our newest project of the month – featuring ABK – from the Live! page of DomuS3D.

This luxurious bathroom, available on the Live! page of DomuS3D, features products from ABK.

Our July 2021 project of the month, created with DomuS3D, is a luxurious bathroom area which features the Sensi Signoria, Wide&Style Mini, and Eco-Chic Collections by ABK.

The Sensi Signoria collection takes inspiration from Renaissance art, cleverly combining a selection of polychromatic marbles in a new and contemporary way, making use of contrasting colors and matching styles defined by neat, geometric decorative patterns.

To achieve this, ABK selected a variety of Italian and foreign marble varieties, sought out for their coloring and recognizable for their highly decorative veining. In this project, we used the Roma Imperiale variant, which was also used for the integrated sink in the vanity top.

Wide&Style MINI builds on the experience of ABK from Wide&Style large slab “wallpapers”, this time focusing on a 60×120 cm format, easy to use even in smaller spaces. Wide&Style MINI offers a pallette of 10 solid colors and 8 decorative patterns to cover walls just like a fabric or wallpaper. For this project, we chose the Alabaster shade.

The collection ECO-CHIC stems from a careful selection of oak boards, representing a wood effect that ensures maximum versatility, offered by ABK in a range of 4 warm colors to guarantee an elegant and natural look for all rooms of the home.

The balance of chromatic variation and the lack of rustic characteristics such as knots or cracks make ECO-CHIC a satisfying minimal and versatile choice. In this project, we used the ECO-CHIC Natural Color for the flooring of the entire room and for the shower base, as well.

The floor features ECO-CHIC Natural by ABK.

All the collections of ABK are available in the DomuS3D Digital Library.

Technical Details:

Rendering Image Size4410×2517 pixels
Surface Area17.19 sqm
Number of Items Used84


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