Frequently Asked Questions

What is RealityRemod?

RealityRemod is an innovative augmented reality web app that lets users change the material of the flooring and walls from any photograph of their rooms.

How can I use RealityRemod in my business?

RealityRemod is an efficient marketing tool that can be integrated on your website, giving you the chance to attract and engage potential customers. Let your web visitors dream by giving them the chance to apply new products directly to their rooms in real-time, exploring the impact of design alternatives with just a few clicks.

Can I save my image?

Yes, you can save your image for later and compare it with as many different alternative design options as you want.

Are usage statistics available?

Yes, you can consult the tools usage statistics to gather data and insights on user activity. 

Do I need an active internet connection to work with RealityRemod?

Yes. RealityRemod is a web app that works through your web browser.

Can I insert my own tiles?

Yes. Your company can integrate RealityRemod on your website and decide which products to make available to your users by selecting from those available in our digital library.