Continuous Innovation

As for any manufacturer, innovation is a fundamental part of our work as a software provider. At Maticad, we constantly invest in research and development, studying trends and new methods to simplify the work of our users.


From our earliest days, we’ve been creating Interior Design software specifically for the tiling and bathroom fixture industries. Our 30 years alongside these industries has given us a unique ability to listen to the needs of the market.


Maticad applications are adaptable and customizable to meet your needs, with custom solutions for expert designers and entry-level users alike.


From brainstorm to quote, from manufacturer to homeowner, our digital solutions make up a comprehensive ecosystem with tools for each step of the process.

An integrated Interior Design system

Maticad is a versatile Solution Provider, with applications that facilitate collaboration between all those involved in a project: from selecting and purchasing products to final installation.

DomuS3D is the perfect solution for design professionals, while TilePlanner and RealityRemod let their customers explore design ideas, quickly guiding them to the solution that is right for them.