04 June, 2024 | News, Project of the month

A touch of elegance with the Noble Stone series from La Fabbrica AVA

The June DomuS3D project of the month is here: a refined and exclusive bathroom featuring the Noble Stone series by La Fabbrica AVA.

Refined elegance with La Fabbrica AVA in the DomuS3D Project of the Month. Rendering created with DomuS3D.

A touch of refined elegance and exclusivity from the new DomuS3D project of the Month, created in partnership with La Fabbrica AVA. The Noble Stone series takes the leading role in this project, featured on both the floors and the walls of this incredible bathroom. The space is characterized by the warm and natural colors of the surfaces, as well as the bronze finish of the taps; a touch of pink rounds out the space, featured on two important elements: the bathtub and the vanity.

Noble Stone

Exploring the wonders of nature through design, the Noble Stone bathroom captures the essence of the world’s most fascinating limestone formations. Inspired by the cliffs of Dover, the terraces of Pamukkale, and the caverns of Luray, each and every detail reflects the authentic beauty of the material.
The porcelain gres, with its marble texture and its five vibrant colors, offers a palette of infinite possibility. From large 120x280cm slabs to small 30x60cm pieces, every choice aims to transform a space into a genuine work of art.
The introduction of the 3D satin finish adds a touch of tactile refinement, further elevating the exclusivity of each space, turning it into a unique masterpiece of elegance and personality.

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Project Details:

Rendering Image Size4410×2517 pixel
Surface Area27 mq
Number of Elements Used32

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