24 August, 2020 | Новости

Real Time Rendering: navigate your project in high quality

The newest DomuS3D module lets you navigate your project in real-time with quality approaching traditional rendering.

One of the most interesting innovations of DomuS3D 2020 is Real Time Rendering (RTR). This new module lets you move around inside your project with graphic quality approaching traditional rendering. With RTR, you can navigate your scene immediately, inspecting materials, lights, shadows, and the mapping of your floors, walls, and furnishing items.

RTR opens in a dedicated window letting you easily view your scene on its own, ideally on a second monitor. You can use Real Time Rendering to show a clear 3D preview of your project in HD to your client, without having to show him or her the technical interface of the program. You can also use RTR to examine the effects of lights and materials within your scene, without having to launch a traditional rendering.

In the RTR options window, you’ll find a number of graphic settings that can be adjusted (contrast, exposure, etc.) so you can take full advantage of this powerful new module available in DomuS3D 2020.

Real-Time Rendering requires a latest-generation graphics card compatible with DirectX11.

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