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DomuS3D® VENUS: tips&tricks

In this section you will find, every month, quick pills that will allow you better working with your DomuS3D®

In this lesson you will learn how to attach 360° Panoramas to the project that you will share with colleagues and/or customers via the Maticad Cloud and the new DomuS3D 360 App.

1. Open the project, get to the Navigation window, and select command Save Panorama 360:

2. You will open a mask where to save the 360 Pano, as you can see in the next image:


- If you want to create a Navigation quality based panorama starting from the position you are in the Navigation window, leave Navigation control selected

- If you want to attach a 360 Panorama already created in High Definition quality using the Advanced Rendering, select control Folder, click the ‘’ button and specify the folder that contains the panorama files


Leave the default value (New virtual tour), and confirm your choice clicking Ok button.

4. The Application will now open a window where to see a preview of the 360° Panorama. Here you can also add hotspot(s) in order to add information on the material used in the project, as well as link multiple panoramas in one single file (click here to see a multi-panorama project). Close this window and save:

5. Now we will check that the new Panorama has been correctly saved within the project attachments: in Layout or Navigation window, get to the TOOLS section of the Ribbon and select command Attachments:

Notice that the 360° Panorama has been saved in the project attachments group. In this window, you can keep on adding new attachments to the project, such as photographs or rendered images of the scene, PDF files (catalogues, technical blueprints, technical sheets of the objects...) Word or Excel files ... so that you will share a complete project both from the graphical and technical point of view. Don’t forget that you can take the opportunity DomuS3D 360 gives you of navigating the scene in 3D, by clicking the DomuS3D 360 button you can find in the NAVIGATION section of the Ribbon (while in Navigation window)

6. Share the project: if you have purchased the Catalogues Download service (that also includes 1 GB free space on the DomuS3D®Cloud) you can now send the project to the free App called DomuS3D 360: select Share button (it is right over the Attachments button you have selected in step 5). Select the files to attach and publish in the Cloud, and click Upload to Cloud button.

7. Finally close the project and save it. Then wait a bit ‘till the project will be uploaded from your PC to the Cloud (see the Cloud icon available in the left-bottom side of the DomuS3D® main window). When upload is ready, go to the Live! page and click over the project and select the share button , as you can see in this image:

In the next section you can decide if the project will be public and seen by everybody using DomuS3D 360 App (Make visible to all customers) or by authorized user (Share with a non-registered customer, and you will need to specify his/her e-mail address)

Your project is now in the Cloud!

Enjoy DomuS3D® VENUS.