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Workshop in Greece

Maticad disclosed the latest news about DOMUS3D® and Virtual Reality with an event organized for the several customers in Greek market. Here the report of the day by our distributor Dionisis Grigoropoulos.


Supported by the Hellenic Interior Designers Association (H.I.D.A.) and with significant participations of companies from across Northern Greece, professionals in the field of Architecture as well as of Interior Design and Retail Shops, the presentation of DomuS3D® design software and the celebration of it’s 15-year presence in Greece took place on February 23 at Municipal art gallery of Larissa, G.I. Katsigras Museum.
Admission was free and we had the opportunity to discuss the developments in Interior Design and the practices applicable through our design software which has worldwide presence.
The eminent declaimers of the event, in the field of Architecture and Desigh, Mr. Stelios Zikas member of the Board of H.I.D.A., who talked about the necessity of Interior Design, as well as Mr. Kostas Gagos, member of H.I.D.A. and recently awarded with the Silver award in the field of Interior Design, for the design and construction of DE-TOX Cofee Shops, at Estia Awards 2017, represented the importance of Interior Design in the completion of sale.

The organizers of the event, Logistics Way, the official representative for Greece – Cyprus, and the manufacturer of the program from Italy-based Maticad, the creator of interior design technologies, presented their services and know-how in the field of architecture and Interior Design, as well as solutions in software programs and innovative ideas for the optimum management – presentation of candidate projects by users of the Software.

Virtual reality glasses presented for the first time in Greece from the respective Design Software, and the participants had the opportunity to experiment with the software and to experience firsthand the unique experience and the thrilling sense of navigation within spaces designed through DomuS3D® Software.

We’d like to thank our supporters-sponsors who helped us so that this evening to be a success and we schedule our next appointment in June 2017 in Thessaloniki, for the next event.