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Tips&tricks: cannot see 360 Panoramas?

New browsers do not allow opening Panoramas on local file

360 Panorama and new browser versions

Recent upgrades of the most diffused browsers (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox...) have raised security level, denying some operations that could be performed before. 
It is for this reason that 360° Panoramas saved with DomuS3D®  cannot be played with a browser for desktop (Windows or MAC).

Maticad is already studying a solution for this inconvenient, but you already have the opportunity of keeping sharing the Panoramas. The best way, in fact, is to use the free App DomuS3D® 360, available for tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android. The movie you can start clicking the following link allows you to see how to share a Panorama with DomuS3D®  360.

Note: The movie refers to a folder that already contains a 360° Panorama. You can save it through the same mask you see in the video.
We'll keep you informed when a workaround will be available.

Thanks for your time.

DomuS3D® Technical Support Team