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Tips&tricks: change multiple items properties with a single command

How to select multiple items in the layout window and change their properties with a single click (v. 2016)

Select and change multiple items

Note: this trick refers to DomuS3D® version 2016 or later.

Sometimes it is useful to operate the same command on more than 1 element. In order to speed up such operations, you have available the command Multiple items selection, in the Layout (Furnishing) section of the Ribbon.

You can select items BEFORE or AFTER running the command:

  • If you select items AFTER running the command, you will have the opportunity of selecting just furnishing and objects (you can select them using the left mouse button, then confirm selection with the right button)

  • If you select items BEFORE running the command, also CAD entities (such as lines, polylines, text, dimensions, ... ) can be included in the selection

Once you run the command you will open the following mask:

On the left side you can see the list of the items you have previously selected. You can confirm to keep selected them all, rather than selecting a smaller group of 'em. 

On the right side, indeed, you can find the most used commands for such items: elevation, delete from project, hide/show, copy(duplicate) and move. (Note that copy and move will close the mask in order to let you placing the group of selected items in a specific position of the layout).

There are 2 additional command groups, available in the upper menu of the mask:

Move-Delta, allows you to move the selected items using a specific offset (horizontal and/or vertical). This command keeps the mask opened.

In the Advanced section you can find:

Generic commands: available if you select a single item, allows you to close this mask and show the context menu of the item (the context menu is the list of commands you usually get when you right click the mouse over an item. This way of working is useful when you have objects, such as ceilings, placed over other objects, preventing you the right click over them)

Properties: available if you select a single item, allows you to open the Property window related to the selected item

Layer management: allows you to open the Layer management mask (useful to check which is the current layer, and possibly change it)

Move to current layer: allows you to assign the selected item to the current Layer

Delete materials: allows you to delete all materials previously assigned to the item

Delete tiling: allows you to remove all tiles or covering materials previously laid on the surfaces of the selected item

Add to database: allows you to group the selected items all together, and store them in the Application Database as a Group. This makes easier to add them all later on in a different project, saving a lot of time (e.g. a group can be made of vanity+toilet+bidet+taps, or shower-box+shower-tray+taps, or mirror+lamps, table+bottle+dishes+chairs....). A group can always be exploded later on in order to cope with its single items


We encourage you using the Multiple selection items command, and we anticipate you that version 2017 will allow you to get directly to this mask when you select more items in the Layout window, and you will click the right mouse button over one of them. This is just one of the shortcuts and great features that version 2017 will provide.


Thanks for your time.

DomuS3D® Technical Support Team