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Tips&tricks: place hot and cold water connections in your project

Did you know that you can complete your project with water connections + drain symbols?

Learn how to draw hot/cold water connections in your project

Sometimes it is useful to draw water connection and drain symbols, especially when you do not want to lay down sanitary ware and vanities in your project; in this way you can provide detailed information and blueprints to your plumber.

If you joined the Catalogues Download service, get to the Live! page and enter the Furnishing Elements section.

Search form Maticad as a Manufacturer, then enter THERMOHYDRAULIC-HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS

Click over the preview images if you want to download single elements quickly (Hot water, Cold water and Drain).

Once you place the objects in the project layout, you will find something similar to:

In the Navigation environment they will look like:

You can draw exact dimensions between connections and corners/objects, using the snaps they are provided with.

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