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Tips & Tricks: Catalogues subscription

A new module to keep your favourite catalogues up-to-date


From DomuS3D® 2017 on, when entering the catalogues page, you can see all of the available tiles and furnishings brands logos. This makes it a lot easier to find the Producers ready for download.

The cloud icon on the bottom right corner allows you to immediately download the selected catalogue.
The heart icon on the top right corner instead, subscribes you to that specific catalogue: this is a new mechanism which selects those libraries that will automatically be downloaded by the program.
For any available update DomuS3D® will, then, start an automatic download. The final database installation will happen in one of the following phases:
  • 1. When the open project is closed;
  • 2. When opening the program;
  • 3. When closing the program.
This Subscription helps the user make sure that the interesting brands are always up-to-date. You can check the subscription status anytime (eventually unsubscribe from no longer interesting catalogues) by clicking on FAVOURITE on the top of the catalogues page (see following image).