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TilePlanner project

This month's project shows you the way you can use predefined patterns and off-shaded (random) effect with tiles and covering material

In this project we have tiled the floor with a staggered parquet. TilePlanner allows you to plan any covering surface using predefined and dynamic patterns, customizing them with the material you want.

If Manufacturer has provided multiple images for the same item, TilePlanner will use them all in the floor, so that you can automatically see the off-shaded effect without any more effort.

When opening the project, note that objects have been locked, in order to move in 3D without moving the objects. Unlock them if you want to change their position.

Click here or over the image in order to open the project, but remember to use latest Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari version. (we suggest you Google Chrome if you use a PC, as Chrome has better shaders, hence a better graphic result).

Draw your rooms with TilePlanner: it is quick, easy, and free using the complimentary collections made available by the Manufacturers.