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This month's project

Free download ready to be rendered with mental ray


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In this issues you can find the design of a bathroom, available for DOMUS3D® 2016 and 2017.
The project has been optimized (architecture, tiles, material and - above all - lights and illumination) for DOMUS3D® 2017 in order to get the best possible outcome with mental ray® rendering engine.
For version 2016, our advice is to generate a quick preview before launching the render process. It could be the case to adjust some parameter for the best possible outcome.

Technical details of the project:

Rendered image dimensions 4404x2517 pixel
Area 21.09 MQ
Number of used items 50
Tiles with BUMP SI
Materials with BUMP SI

Items used:

Manufacturer STOCCO  www.stocco.itCollectionIKS DescriptionBathroom furniture system designed to be covered in different ways Format1400x510 mm


Download and use it

If you want to download the project compatible with mental ray® click here below:

download version 2016

Then, follow these steps:
1. Extract the project (it's a .PJP file) from the ZIP folder, and save it on your disk
2. Open DomuS3D®, close any opened project, and run command File -> Import/Export -> Import project package(s)
3. Finally, select the file saved in pt. 1


360° Panorama

Click and hold the left mouse button on the center, drag the mouse slowly in any direction to scroll. Press on keyboard "Maiusc" ("Shift") to zoom in and "Ctrl" to zoom out.

You need Adobe Flash Player on your pc to visualize this 360° Panorama. If the image is not shown properly you can try with another browser.

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DomuS3D® Technical Support Team