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TALENT DESIGNER-Bathroom edition

UNIVERSITA’ of PISA and Idealconfort choose DomuS3D® for TALENT DESIGNER challenge

Idealconfort s.p.a. has joined Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Edile Architettura from University of  Pisa, creating 1° challenge named: “Ideal Confort Talent Designer bathroom edition”. The challenge aims to captivate young and talented students in researching new design and architectural trends and solutions for the bathroom space, having a great attention to the integration of following ingredients:

  • Project creativity
  • Quality of used materials
  • Sustainability and feasibility

A selected group of students will challenge on a bathroom project, any shape but not bigger than 4 mt. by 4 mt., with a maximum budget of 25.000,00 €.

For interior and coverings design Pisa University has chosen DomuS3D® Venus, with which students will also create scene renderings, 360° Panoramas, and detailed technical blueprints for the installer.


Best project will receive a prize.

Click here to see the Call for Participation.