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Maticad meets the future designers in Sassuolo

Maticad srl has taken part in the “Scuola in posa” training final event


The event to which Maticad has participated at the Volta institute in Sassuolo (MO) has concluded the first 3 year period activity of the “Scuola in Posa” project, dedicated to the 11th and 12th grade students. This has represented a great collaboration between the work and school worlds. Students have always lived this experience very positively; for them this phase is an important growth chance as it puts them in touch with the work world for the first time which seems to make them very enthusiastic.

The youths that have joined this project have had the occasion to visit active companies in the production field, show-rooms and at the same time test themselves in both design and reproduction of a real tiling.
The Sassuolo Lions Club has promoted this activity guaranteeing teachers and technicians actively engaged with students and connecting this school with the companies involved.
Maticad, usually very careful about formation, has decided to support this initiative providing many DomuS3D® licenses, the professional 3D design software..

The rewarded project was accomplished with DomuS3D® 2017.

Laminam SpA, has sustained the activity providing the tiling material used for the project. Indeed the work done by these students consisted in a wall tiling using Laminam’s innovative slab, meant to improve the school lecture hall both aesthetically and functionally.