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RealityRemod v.2.5 for iPhone too

The new version of the Augmented Reality App is available for the iPhone too

It is available the new version (2.5) of RealityRemod, the innovative Augmented Reality App that allows you to make a snapshot of the scene and easily change floors and walls.

The new version has the following features:

  • New User Interface, for a quicker and easier experience
  • New engine for floors and walls classification: it'll be easier than ever to grab your floor
  • 3D objects can be placed in the scene, choosing them among the ones available in the internal library (if you use the App, tell us about the items you would like to find in the library)
  • The App is available also for the iPhone platform, provided it run iOs 8.x or later

If you are a Manufacturer and would like to publish your catalogue in RealityRemod, write us:

Click here to access the AppStore and install RealityRemod.