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RealityRemod: tap and change your floor!

Latest Augmented Reality App for the floor and surfaces is now available on the App Store for download

Maticad is glad to annouce RealityRemod availability for the iPad tablet (version 2 up, iOS 7 and iOS 8).

RealityRemod is an AUGMENTED REALITY App that allows you to take a snapshot of the scene and change your floor quickly and easily.

The App allows you to download Ceramic Tiles, Fitted Carpet, Parquet ... libraries coming from the most important Manufacturers; Maticad will constantly update libraries, so that end-users and salesmen will have the opportunity to use the App with the latest and most trendy materials. 

Click the Apple in order to download the App, or connect to the dedicated web site  if you want to read more.

Enjoy Augmented Reality with RealityRemod!