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DomuS3D®: this month's project

Are you running DomuS3D® Venus? Download this project (modern living space), ready to render with V-Ray and mental ray

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In this issue you will find a modern living (open space) with a ball-chair hanging from the roof, and neon lights all around the ceiling.
As usual, project has been optimized (architecture, tiles, material and - primarily - lights and illumination) in order to get the best results possible while in the render process.

Room has the following shape:

Most important features of this project are:

  1. Materials and lights have been setup in order to emphasize rendering. You can find both versions (mental ray and V-Ray), even if materials behave differently, as you can see in the preview images
  2. Wide area space in order to grant the room more light
  3. Double ceiling object (countertop)
  4. Neon lights between ceiling and countertop
  5. Stairs objects
  6. Some 3D objects have been downloaded from 3Dwarehouse
  7. Photo2D (cat) to give more realism
  8. In the left wall designer has used wallpaper by GLAMORA (loaded in the project as a generic image, then scaled as needed)
  9. Glossy tile on the floor, in order to reflect environment's light
  10. Outdoor backgronud: Day country 
  11. Room area is around 133,89 MQ
  12. Project contains 490.898 3DFaces and 6 Polygon-Mesh
  13. Has been rendered with following resolution: 2992 x 1678  pixel. Rendering time: 1h 32m  with mental ray, 1h 11m  with V-Ray (ALIENWARE computer equipped with processor Intel Core I7 3.50GHz - 8 core - 32GB RAM, Windows 64 bit)
  14. Project is available for DomuS3D® Venus version or later

If you will render the projecty with mental ray, you will obtain the following image:

If you will render the projecty with V-Ray, you will obtain the following image:

Download and use it

Click here if you want to download the project compatible with mental ray.

Click here if you want to download the project compatible with V-Ray.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Extract the project (it's a .PJP file) from the ZIP folder, and save it on disk
2. Open DomuS3D®, close any opened project, and run command  "File->Import/Export->Import project package(s)"
3. Finally, select the file saved in pt. 1


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