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DomuS3D Online Guide: Sloping roofs

Find out all the DomuS3D’s secrets


While creating a new project or a new room, DomuS3D puts in place the walls, as well as an even horizontal ceiling. In the options menu of the software, it is possible to modify the standard elevation of the ceiling (which, of course, is also the height of the walls), as explained in the Introduction chapter. It is then possible to introduce a slope in a desired area of the ceiling. This can be done by right-clicking on the internal side of the wall where the sloping roof needs to start (i.e. the lower side), then selecting the command Sloping roof -> Add.
DomuS3D will show the Sloping Roof properties tab, where all the dimensions can be set at will.

Once the sloping roof is placed, the related properties tab can be opened again by right-clicking (or left-double-clicking) on the sloping roof draw line in the middle of the room. With the same right-click, it is also possible to reach the command Sloping roof -> Delete, with which it is possible to revert to a horizontal (i.e. standard) ceiling.
Bear in mind: if there is a wall split into 2 or more vertical areas, the creation of the sloping roof will automatically merge them into one entity, deleting the nodes between them.