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New 3D Glasses for Virtual Reality

VR (Virtual Reality) Technology to “live” scenes made with DomuS3D® as in real life

At the recent Cersaie exhibition, we were proud to debut two new VR (virtual reality) technologies that allow our clients to enter, for the first time, into living spaces, rooms and scenes created with DomuS3D® and to discover, with utmost realism, what it would be like to live in these spaces.  

Both of these new technologies introduce new visualization capabilities through the use of virtual reality headsets.

The first new technology, using the Samsung Gear VR headset, allows clients to see stereoscopic 360° panoramic images  of the highest graphic quality developed with V-Ray, one of the rendering engines available in DomuS3D®.

The second, using the Oculus Rift headset, allows clients to navigate scenes stereoscopically, freely moving around interiors; in the case of projects with multiple rooms, it offers the capability to freely enter and exit each individual room.  The quality of navigation with this technology, while slightly inferior, creates a captivating experience thanks to the ability to move freely in all directions, including by using a joystick identical to those used by the well-known PlayStation.

Both technologies enhance realism and provide users an “immersive” experience within a unique and accessible virtual reality space, triggering unique sensory reactions to that which is seen through the headset.

It’s easy to see that by using these new Virtual Reality technologies, the furniture buying process for a potential client can become an invigorating opportunity for him or her to perceive first-hand and in real-scale the space and the overall dimensions, along with the aesthetic impact, of what he or she is about to buy.  The ability to visualize how a living area may turn out, in 360° stereoscopy, is certainly the best way to guarantee an informed purchase free of unpleasant surprises.

For manufacturers and showroom vendors, these tools can be of great help to promote their products by taking advantage of the latest technology in a comprehensive way with the aim to capture attention, esteem, confidence and the  client's willingness to entrust himself to the hands of whoever is providing such a compelling service.



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