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News on DomuS3D® 2018 - R2

DomuS3D 2018 second release has exciting news for you.


Since July 2018, DomuS3D® 2018’s second release has been made available. If you’re using DomuS3D 2018’s R1, update it to R2 and discover all news and bug fixes.

First of all, significant improvements were applied on the Layout. You can now create (on Layout and 2D surface) an object starting from any CAD element wthout the need to convert it into a closed polyline (Use the “Object by selection” control you’ll find on CAD tab then –-> “Create by selection” on the toolbar). The feature “Draw –-> Cube” was improved as well: the values you set are saved when the control’s repeated and the cube can be moved like any other furnishing element.

Different improvements are also found in the rendering process. A new window for the project’s lights parameters is now available. Rendering the environment with V-Ray has been improved with the following:
• possibility to choose the Sky setting (Hosek is the default for new projects)
• possibility to apply a colour filter to the sun
• HDR backgrounds on Dome light

DomuS3D 2018 R2 allows to retrieve the last tiles/materials used as to reapply them as fast as possible. When right clicking on one tile (or left clicking on it and working on the Property Grid) you can now synchronise the Components window with tiles belonging to the same collection or having the same dimension.

Last but not least, the R2 fixes numerous bugs and irregularities.