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Maticad technology equipping Desivero Visualizer

3DVision scene configurator has been chosen by Desivero for the e-commerce site

E-commerce web site DESIVERO.COM offers a stunning service where you can configure 3D scenes related to bathrooms, changing sanitary ware, taps, vanities, shower boxes etc... The web site also offers the opportunity of ordering the products you want among the thousands available online. The target of the web site is the end user at home, who wants to find new ideas and solutions in order to remodel the bathroom, but also find contacts for installation and maintenance, directly made by Desivero employees.

3D configurator equipped with DESIVERO.COM has been created by Maticad with 3DVision technology, and is completely integrated in the e-commerce site. Configurator allows you to modify a scene (among those available with different complexity and life style - new ones coming soon) choosing the items you prefer. In any moment you can check the price of the selected combination, save the project and store it in your own Cloud, or even share it with Facebook or Pinterest.
3DVIsion's flexibility allows DESIVERO.COM to keep scenes content up-to-date, as well as add new scenes thanks to dedicated Back Office Management tools.

Click the following image to open 3D Scenes Configurator on  DESIVERO.COM.

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