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1991-2016: Maticad celebrates 25 years

On February, 14 Maticad has celebrated 25 years since foundation. Great party and... some news

Last February, 14 - Maticad has celebrated 25 years since foundation.

This important anniversary has given the opportunity of joining all employees and salesmen from Italy and abroad and celebrate all week-end in the wonderful and green Countryside from Pesaro.
We love to underline that during the party everyone has always kept in mind all customers who have chosen Maticad in those years: warmly thank you for joining us! We are proud of your choice, and aim to keep on doing our best in order to share with you cutting-edge technology and services.

The week-end has also given the board the opportunity of sharing important announcements:

  • first of all, confirmation about good trends of the Company. 2015 revenue has been revealed, and we're proud to announce that it's been the best ever. The great effort put in the main activities (DomuS3D®, RealityRemod and TilePlanner) has given Maticad an edge, and the market is highly appreciating all investments done
  • Maticad board has new member; he's Arch. Vito Tucci, who sides Franco Ampollini and Massimo Rossini in guiding the Company. Vito Tucci comes from 20 years experience in Marazzi Group, and now is Sales Manager of the Company

The good trend also allows the Company enlarging the employees team: new hires both in Pesaro and Sassuolo branches. The latter will soon be moved in a larger office, so that it'll be easier to handle Catalogues setup, Design Service and training activities.

Thank you all, again, for joining us in this wonderful experience. Look forward to excite you again!

MATICAD s.r.l.

Vito, Franco, Massimo