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News of DomuS3D® 2017: how to make a copy of the room

Make the design easier and quicker with the new features of DomuS3D® version 2017


Let’s find out how to make a copy of a whole room, together with all the furniture, coverings, lights and any other object in DOMUS3D® 2017.
This command can be very useful for creating multi-room projects. It's also very easy to copy-and-past a second version of the room in which to try different decor solutions. The two rooms can be displayed side by side in order to make the customer's decision easier.

step_1 FASE 1.

By right-clicking within a room, you can copy it and all its contents into the clipboard of the program.
step_2 FASE 2.
Click on "Copy to Clipboard".

The Clipboard is a temporary memory section which remains active until the program is terminated.
step_3 FASE 3.

The copied room is complete with furnishings, objects, coverings, lights, views and anything else.
Once the room is available on the Clipboard, it can be pasted in the same project or in a new one with the command. You just have to right-clicking and select the command "Paste room from Clipboard".