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How to render with V-ray® 3.6

Discover the rendering secrets, benefiting the most of V-Ray® and DomuS3D® integration

Maticad is airing DomuS3D 2018, the latest version of the leading designing software in ceramic tiles and sanitary ware markets, widely used by manufacturers and retailers all over the world.

DomuS3D® 2018 comes with an enhanced quality for rendered images, as well as an easier setting process, thanks to the integration of V-Ray 3.6 rendering engine and the availability of new parameters for a better management of the structured and materical surfaces.

DomuS3D® 2018 brings into rendered image production a new and cool feature: the DOF (Depth of Field): like the professional reflex cameras, now it's possible to have perfectly sharp first floor objects, surrounded by a nicely blurred background.

DomuS3D® 2018 use a brand new algorithm for light processing (Adaptive Lights) which make rendering computation faster when many lights are involved, with more balanced scene exposure and amazing final outcome.

In the next issues of this column we'll go deeper on these topics, showing you how to take the the best out of V-Ray® and DomuS3D®.

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