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How to render with V-ray®

Discover the rendering secrets, benefiting the most of V-Ray® and DomuS3D® integration


Rendering with design softwares might seem a little complicated most of all for not well-versed users. Even a design professional could happen not to know the various rendering parameters or the tricks of how to handle a certain scene exposure value.

Starting from the need to spread a culture for design in a domain such as tiling simulation, Maticad srl has developed and promoted for over 20 years now the professional design software DomuS3D®, chosen by thousands of retailers and the most important tiles and sanitaryware manufacturers.

The experience gained after so many years of improvements and customers’ feed-backs has allowed DomuS3D® developers to carry out a perfect integration between the software DomuS3D and of the most performing render engine available, V-Ray,as to offer users creative opportunities and incredible results.

As previously mentioned, handling the rendering parameters could result complicated so Maticad’s real success is only proven when providing automatic features for beginners and advanced ones for the most expert users.

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