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Waiting for VENUS ...

What's new in DomuS3D VENUS: project variations (options). Quick preview of some relevant pieces of news coming with the next version

Waiting for DomuS3D® VENUS official release (Standalone version will be available starting from January 15th, 2015) let's take a chance to preview most interesting news coming with the new version of Maticad's professional 3D design software.

For sure during CERSAIE customers witnessed great interest in the Project variations module: as you can see in the image, you will have the opportunity of creating multiple project options (both for tiles and/or 3D objects), in order to look at them and rapidly switch among them, when the customer will get back to your premises.

Also, customer did appreciate the new automatic hook system for vanities and taps. New elements downloaded starting from January, will contain a dedicated technology that will allow you to instantly place them in the correct position of the vanity/washbasin/bidet...

See you in next newsletter, when we'll give you some more details on the incoming DomuS3D® VENUS.