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Available today the new DomuS3D® version: VENUS. Discover what's new in this release!

DomuS3D® VENUS is now available for download by those customers who have pre-ordered it.

VENUS has several new features that can really improve the way you design and share projects: contact your sales agent in order to better check what's new.

At the moment, Standalone version only is available for download and purchase; Client-Server will follow up in just a few weeks.

If you still are not a DomuS3D® customer and want to try it out, ask for the newest TRIAL by writing to:

For any additional information, have a look at the official web site:  or write to

Here you can find a quick list of the most important news coming with DomuS3D® VENUS.
For a detailed list open the DomuS3D® VENUS User Manual - 2015, where in the Appendix you can find details of the new features.

  • Layout window
    • New move wall command
    • Quick 3D object move, rotate, delete
    • Import 3D objects from Trimble 3D Warehouse
    • Import SKP (SketchUp) files
    • Hook module for taps

  • Navigation window
    • New 3D Navigation engine
    • Move a 3D object in Navigation with Gizmo
    • Rotate a 3D object in Navigation with Gizmo
    • Modify light position in 3D with Gizmo
    • Hide object command

  • Modify Tiling window
    • Easier commands in order to tile Niches and Objects
    • Automatic dimensions for tiled areas (Strips, tiled areas, ...)
    • Direct blueprint of the tiled wall

  • Technical printouts
    • New tools for printout
    • New print templates
    • New layout drawing in technical printouts

  • Project variants
    • Collect and show variations of the project
    • Include files and documents such as Excel, Word, PDF...

  • Share your projects in the Cloud
    • New App: DomuS3D 360, for iPhone and iPad. Share your projects thanks to DomuS3D® Cloud
    • Public projects: you are visible to the World in the Cloud
    • Private projects: just for your eyes!

  • Others ...
    • When you save a project in Components, lights are saved in, too
    • New shader for Neon light
    • Hemisferic ambient light (can be customised with following Registry: NavAmbientPercRange, <-100,100> default 20)
    • Fixed crash while opening Navigation after using Modify Tiling window
    • Fixed shader ambient light (sometimes objects faces where white in level 4)
    • Fixed wrong illumination in Modify Tiling window
    • Off-shaded effect has been improved
    • Off-shaded tiles are now continuous on Sills using Drag&Drop (with new command Extend floor tiling)
    • Niches, doors and windows are now visibile in Modify Tiling window and blueprints
    • Niches, doors and windows are now visibile in print from Above (3D Layout)
    • New 3D Layout blueprint
    • Option in order to show in blueprints just the tiled faces of objects
    • Bug fix in project search by data
    • Bug fix in importing TilePlanner projects where tiles have been rotated
    • Option to export projects in Pegasus format
    • Fix stereoscopic rendering with mental ray
    • Fix in drawing doors shapes in 3D Layout blueprint
    • New commands Bring to Front/Send to Back in order change 3D objects, Groups and Furnishing Elements order
    • Fixed crash with projects where you delete a corner while having a Velux window in the horizontal ceiling
    • In blueprints you can now decide to use objects images in transparency instead of using the objects shape (registry "PrintMetaWithImage" default=0, transp. level - registry "PrintMetaWithImageAlpha" default=50)