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DomuS3D®: tips&tricks

How to apply a plaster onto a wall up to a specific height

How to apply a plaster onto a wall up to a specific height

The trick we'll use in order to have this effect is to create an additional layer to be tiled, and use it as a 'container' for the plaster. At the end of the page you can find the link to open the movie and see how to work inside the Application.

  1. Starting from Navigation window, find out the wall where to apply the plaster. Select “Modify Tiling” from the Ribbon toolbar, then click the destination wall with the left mouse button, as you can see in the image. A quicker way could be right clicking the mouse over the wall, and choose “Modify Tiling” command.
  2. You will appoach the modify tiling window (wall in 2D).

    Select “Tiles layer” command (available in the Ribbon toolbar) or click the right mouse button over the wall and select “Tiles layer”. Choose the tile you want to use in the layer: choose any tile you find, as it is needed just to create the layer. We will soon get rid of it. You can create a tile layer in 2 different ways. By Draw: means that you will specify with the left mouse button the delimitation corners of the rectangle. By Fixed size: you can determine the exact size of the area. Click OK to confirm and place the layer in the correct position (you can use available snaps for a better position).


  3. As the layer is now available, let's proceed emptying it. Click the right mouse button over it, and select command "Empty tiling area".

  4. Now choose the desired plaster among those available in the MATERIALS section of the Components window: drag it using the left mouse button, and drop it over the new layer. You can do this operation both in Wall (2D) and Navigation (3D) window.

  5. Selected material will be applied inside the layer. You can drag a different one on the wall, as you can see in the next image.

  6. You can keep on creating new layers over the existing ones, and tile them; in this image we've created a second layer (with tiles) and centred it on the toilet. When you move the layer you can take advantage of the snap points available in the project. When dragging the layer shape, by clicking the 'P' keyboard button you can switch the dragging point. By clicking the 'O' keyboard button you will drag the layer from the centre (as we've done in this image, then using the toilet snap point)


Watch the movie

You can see this trick in DomuS3D® in the dedicated movie: click here to see the movie on YouTube. 


Thanks for your time.
Enjoy your DomuS3D®

DomuS3D® Technical Support Team