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DomuS3D®: this month's project

Are you running DomuS3D® Venus or 2016? Download this project (Kitchen), ready to render with V-Ray and mental ray

Our projects for your business 

In this issue you will find a project related to a Kitchen.
As usual, project has been optimized (architecture, tiles, material and - primarily - lights and illumination) in order to get the best results possible while in the render process using V-Ray and mental ray.

Technical details of the project:

Rendered image dimensions 2048 x 1678 pixel
Room(s) surface 32,85 SQM
Polygon-Mesh 28.874
3DFaces 418.085
Tiles with BUMP YES
Materials with BUMP YES

Some technical details on the project:

  • left wall has a staggered pattern and coloured joint
  • in the front wall we've created a rectangle with CAD tools, and made it coverable with right mouse button dedicated feature
  • some objects have been downloaded from 3Dwarehouse
  • lamp has a textured bump (rice paper)
  • light has been set up in order to have some shadows in the corridor and soft light elsewhere
  • image has been post-processed with the new “image editor”  module (available in v. 2016 R3, starting from end July 2016), in order to correct gamma, saturation and contrast....

Time to render using V-Ray:

24 min 40 sec 

Time to render using mental ray:

1h 55 min 57 sec 


This is the image you will get rendering the project with V-Ray:

This is the image you will get rendering the project with mental ray:

Download and use it

Click here if you want to download the project compatible with V-Ray.

Click here if you want to download the project compatible with  mental ray.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Extract the project (it's a .PJP file) from the ZIP folder, and save it on disk
2. Open DomuS3D®, close any opened project, and run command  "File->Import/Export->Import project package(s)"
3. Finally, select the file saved in pt. 1


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DomuS3D® Technical Support Team