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Online Guide DomuS3D: Managing all project’s lights at the same time

Find out all the DomuS3D’s secrets


When you have to deal with a high number of lights in the project, you can use a useful feature that allows opening a mask that lists them all. That is very common when you are planning entire house, showrooms, exhibition stands, etc..

You can use the command named "Ligths list" (available in the Virtual 3D-Lights section of the Ribbon, when you are in the Layout window), and open the following mask:

As you can see in the image, in this mask you can manage the most important parameters of the artificial lights available in the project; you can quickly modify the following parameters:

  • On/Off: you can switch the light on/off. When you deal with many lights at the same time, this command lets you saving a lot of time!
  • Light name
  • Light type
  • Light intensity
  • Light color
  • Light Temperature
  • Group

Now you know why it is important naming each light in the project the correct way, so that you can find the needed light just by reading its name.