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DomuS3D Online Guide: How to load 3D objects

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It may happen that you need to use external files, downloaded from the Internet or loaded from DVD’s. In this case, DomuS3D® allows you to load DXF, COLLADA, FBX and 3DS files, if they are 3D objects.

You can load those files into the project operating in the Layout window. Open the Layout section of the Ribbon and, as you can see in the image, select the command: Furnishing Elements->From external files.

The Application will ask you to locate the file on disk. Select it and confirm importation. You will be asked to confirm object scale prior importing it in the layout, where you can position it the same way you do with standard objects from the library.

Remember that this object will live just inside the project it has been placed into, as it has not been imported in the library too. If you want to import it in the library, you can choose one of following options: in the Ribbon, open the Database group, and in the Furnishings section select Elements management->New. Here you can specify item code, description etc. and load the external file by using the Import button.

Alternatively (and this command may be useful also in order to group more elements as a single item in the library) you can select the command File->Menù->Database->Furnishings->New->Select items group, as you can see in the next image.

You will be asked to select the items you want to group, using the left mouse button. Confirm and stop selection by using the right mouse button, and finally provide item information.
Usually external files are simple 3D files and do not have any material associated to their layers. Later on in this chapter, you will see how to assign new materials to the available sections of any object.

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